Top 5 Most Readable Sci-Fi Books

Science Fiction and I have a passionate love affair. I read it, watch it and even write it. I’m trying to get more people hooked onto this genre as it holds loads of potential for predicting/indulging in what possibly could be our next inventions and ideas. The following 5 books are the ones I’d recommend for anyone wanting to take a small nibble and get a taste for what it’s all about. Happy reading!

Stranger in a Strange Land

Valentine Micheal Smith comes to Earth after being born and raised on Mars. The novel follows downright hilarious and deeply moving situations in which he finds himself as he’s trying to understand and acclimatise to terrestrial culture. Through Valentine Micheal Smith’s journey, we learn a lot about ourselves and how ridiculous we as humans must seem to the extraterrestrials. It’s also a great love story.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The story follows Rick Deckard, an Android killer in a post-apocalyptic earth. The majority of humans have left earth due to the state in which World War Terminus has left it. Androids were developed to serve these humans, but a few are escaping to earth. This is where Rick comes in. He’s tasked to kill rogue Androids. But things get interesting when the lines between Android and humans start to blur.

Fahrenheit 451

Imagine a world where books, new ideas and innovations are banned. That’s what this story’s about – the stifling of the human spirit basically. It wasn’t my favourite… but I liked following the relationship between Guy Montag and Clarisse McLellan and the eventual happenings between them.


An absolute cult classic and a must-read for all. This book is set in a negative utopia and explores the notion of “one-for-all”… which of course, never works. Written by George Orwell, the novel will leave you angry, sad, hollow and many more things that I’d rather leave up to your own experience.

Atlas Shrugged

Book worms will probably scream blasphemy at me for grouping Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged under science fiction… But think about it, science fiction is defined as “fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes” and that’s exactly what Atlas Shrugged comes down to. This, again, is an absolute must-read and will leave you reeling!

And that’s my list. If you’re a novice reader, I suggest you start at the top and work your way down (as I have listed it above). Let me know if you have any other suggestions you’d add to this list. Also let me know whether I am so very wrong for adding Rand’s Atlas Shrugged here!

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